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Websurf 2.0 (Beta)

Welcome to the new-look Websurf - Websurf 2.0! A modern look and feel has been implemented along with various technical changes and additional features. However, the current enhancements are to the interface only and the underlying calculations should return the same results as the current Websurf service. The Changes option provides a comprehensive list. Please use the Feedback option to report any problems. This site should be regarded as a work in progress and the options available now may be replaced in the future.

Websurf is designed to provide a range of astronomical information in both pre-calculated and dynamic forms. The Other Information option provides links to access Astronomical & Calendarial Sheets and maps for Solar & Lunar Eclipses, First Sighting of New Moon data and Time Zone maps. The dynamical information covers rise/set times, azimuth and altitudes, Islamic Prayer Times, First Sighting of New Crescent Moon, Moon Phases, Equinoxes & Solstices and an Almanac giving solar, lunar and planetary data for a specific location and time.


Material provided by the Websurf service is covered by Crown Copyright and is for personal use only and may not be provided to third parties or shown to the public. Any reproduction of HMNAO data will require an official copyright licence and may incur a fee. In the first instance, please contact for clarification of your request.

Whilst the UK Hydrographic Office has endeavoured to ensure that the material supplied is suitable for the purpose, it accepts no liability (to the maximum extent of the law) for any damage or loss of any nature from its use. The material supplied is used entirely at the recipient's own risk.