blacklogo_orangetext.gif (13932 bytes)   Personal Accounts of Eclipses

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Geoff Douglas' personal account of the 1999 eclipse

Darkness at the break of noon

David Le Conte- February 1998

Daniel Fischer's eclipse adventure in Curacao in 1998

Dr Eric Flescher's Eclipse Accounts- stories and poems by observers of various eclipses

European Solar Eclipse Expedition

Fred Espenak's eclipse reports of the 1998 eclipse

Hazel McGee's report from Knip Bay, Curacao in 1998

Hazel McGee, Mongolia 1997

Helston School party, February 1998

Introduction to total eclipses of the sun

Martin Mobberley, India 1995

McGlaun's Total Solar Eclipse page

Nick James, Venezuela in 1998

Various accounts in Astronomy magazine