blacklogo_orangetext.gif (13932 bytes)    Eclipse Education

Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) Hosts education projects for pupils of all ages- has one around the time of the eclipse for 14-19 year olds

bullet logo North Yorkshire Education Advisory Service

Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) This is a pupil-friendly site, but there is extra information for teachers
Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) Inside there are lots of facts, experiments and stories for you to think about, do and take part in


bullet logo Sunblock99

Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) An educational multimedia solar experience
Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) Includes tips for teachers and downloadable worksheets for the classroom

bullet logo Eclipse newspaper competition for schools

Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) Organised by the Royal Astranomical Society
Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) There will be a range of superb prizes for the winners of each age group

bullet logo Association for Science Education (ASE)- has produced 2 activity packs;

Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) Total Eclipse of the Sun: Activities for secondary schools
Smbullet.gif (961 bytes) Total Eclipse of the Sun: Activities for primary schools

These have been developed as a collaboration between teachers and astronomers, funded by PPARC.
Each pack costs 7.50 (post free), and can be obtained online.

They can also be ordered from;

ASE Booksales,
College Lane,
Herts AL10 9AA

Tel: 01707 283001
Freefax: 0800 371856

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