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The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors


Nautical Publication Number: NP 321

Star Almanac for Land Surveyors 2020 cover This almanac contains positions of the Sun, Polaris and selected bright stars in a form which is convenient for land surveyors who use astronomical observations to determine their geographical position or direction to true north. This edition includes a CD-RoM which contains the almanac in pdf format and the coefficients representing the positions of the Sun and stars in ASCII files.

ASCII data files are available on the CD-RoM which contain coefficients for calculating the Greenwich hour angle and declination of all the stars published in The Star Almanac, accurate to about 1 arcsecond. The polynomial coefficients for calculating R (GHA Aries - UT), declination, E and semi-diameter of the Sun published on page 75 of the Almanac are also included.

Starting with the 2011 edition, this publication is now printed on A5 paper.


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