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HM Nautical Almanac Office: NavPac 4.2

Status of NavPac Software

The release dates of the different versions of the NavPac software, for both are given below as well as any relevant patches and the status of support for those versions:


Log of Changes / Bug Fixes

Version 4.2.0

This update makes the following changes:

Across the application:

In Sight Reduction:

NavPac Installer:

In the background:

Before running the NavPacInstaller.exe file:

The NavPac installer for version 4.2 will uninstall a NavPac 4.1 installation if one is present (does not include the desktop shortcut or user generated files).

It is recommended that any existing NavPac version number is checked before running the Installer by clicking the “About” button from the “Home” screen. If it begins 4.2, there is no need to run the NavPac Installer for 4.2.

Running the NavPacInstaller.exe file

If NavPac 4.1 was installed on the system previously, the installer will run without asking for a Product Key or activation information.

If NavPac was not installed on the system previously, the installer will require a Product Key to be entered and the normal activation process to be followed.

After running the NavPacInstaller.exe file

Run NavPac 4.2 and click the “About” button. Near the bottom of the “About” window you should see that NavPac is now running as version 4.2.0.

Version 4.1.2

Several changes were made to address issues reported with Navpac version 4.1.1. The patch made the following changes:

Version 4.1.1

A number of internal changes have been made to this version to improve performance and support for future updates.

Version 4.0.12

NavPac 4.0 is a complete update of the NavPac software from previous versions. The user interface has been completely redesigned and new tools added. However, many of the features of earlier versions remain and will be recognisable to existing users.

The following is a list of improvements and new features that have been incorporated into NavPac 4.

The following are a list of operating differences between previous versions of NavPac and NavPac 4 resulting from the fully redesigned user interface.

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