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HM Nautical Almanac Office: NavPac 4.1


Each version of NavPac relies on work done by people who should not be forgotten. We would like to thank the following people who have all had significant input into this publication and software over the years. Dr. B.D. Yallop (retired Superintendent of HMNAO), who designed the algorithms, instigated the publication and oversaw its production until 1996. G. Burnell, who wrote the first version of NavPac in 1992 when he was a summer student for three months at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Prof. G.G. Bennett (University of New South Wales), Dr. G.H. Kaplan and Mr. J. Bangert of the Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory, who gave important technical advice on navigation procedures and the algorithm for star selection. From the Royal Navy, Lieutenant Commander B. Norman (retired) of the School of Navigation, Lieutenant Commander A.S. Peacock (retired), of the Fleet Publications and Graphics Organisation, and Lieutenant Commander A.W.J. Jenks (retired) of HMS Scott, for their generous help and advice.

This version of the software has been extensively tested and all those involved are thanked. They include many members of The Royal Institute of Navigation, the Royal Navy, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Navigation Specialists at the UK Hydrographic Office. Those involved in the beta testing of this version are listed below.

◼ The Officers and Crew of the following ships:

  • HMS Echo
  • HMS Scott
  • HMS Bulwark
  • RFA Gold Rover
  • RFA Lyme Bay
  • RFA Fort Victoria

◼ The Staff and Students of the Navigational Training Unit at HMS Collingwood

◼ HMNAO's Independent Beta-testers:

  • John Barfoot
  • Paul Bryans
  • Robert Buttress
  • Jim Cochrane
  • Antonio Ceferino
    Bermejo Diaz
  • Ian Gifford
  • Nigel Greenwood
  • Ali Harris
  • Mark Hawkins
  • François Hugo
  • Tony Jenks
  • George Karamanoglou
  • Donald Kennedy
  • Bob Kieran
  • Paul Lane

  • Alastair Letty
  • George Mills
  • Steve Monk
  • Michael O'Regan
  • Alan Peacock
  • Terry Skinsley
  • Alan Vincent
  • Kirsanov Vladimir
  • Francis Whiteley
  • Bernard Yallop

◼ UKHO Navigation Specialists:

  • Michael James
  • Timothy Tretheway
  • Richard Hunt
  • Edward Isaac
  • Roger Skelley
  • Irvine Hall

◼ Staff of HMNAO (past and present):

  • Dr. S.A. Bell (Head)
  • Ms. C.Y. Hohenkerk
  • Dr. S.G. Nelmes
  • Dr. P.S. Prema
  • Dr. D.B. Taylor
  • Mr. J.A. Whittaker
  • Miss A.J. Wilmot

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