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Sunrise/set times in the United Kingdom

Maps showing isochrones, in this case lines linking places with the same times of sunrise and sunset, for the United Kingdom at the middle of each month throughout the year are available by following the links in the table below. These lines show the position of the day/night terminator, the boundary between the sunlit and unilluminated areas of the Earth, as it sweeps across the globe at different times of the year.

These pages have been prepared to demonstrate the changing sunrise/set times across the United Kingdom throughout the year and to show the effects of moving from the Greenwich Mean time zone (GMT – Greenwich Mean Time / BST – British Summer Time) to the Central European time zone (CET – Central European Time / CEST – Central European Summer Time). Sample sunrise/set times are given for 28 locations across the United Kingdom in both time zones corrected for summer time where appropriate.

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