30 October 1930 - 18 February 1972

By Donald H. Sadler, Superintendent 1936-1971

Edited by George A. Wilkins, Superintendent 1972-1989

© Copyright United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, 2008-2011

Photo of D.H. Sadler

D.H. Sadler when President of the RAS

© Royal Astronomical Society, London

Donald Sadler drafted this account of the activities of H. M. Nautical Almanac after his retirement from the post of Superintendent following a period of nearly 42 years as a member of the staff. His manuscript was transcribed and edited by his successor, George Wilkins, after his retirement. This web-file has been produced by Catherine Hohenkerk, a current member of the Office who "just" knew Sadler and worked for Wilkins.

This account contains a great deal of material about the persons who worked in the Office and in other departments of the Observatory as well as technical information about the work of the Office. In addition it covers Sadler's relationships with others in the U.K. and overseas in connection with the work of the Office and with his personal involvement in other national and international organisations.

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