Partial Eclipse of the Sun: 1573 November 24

Global Circumstances and Animation

Global Visibility of the Partial Eclipse of the Sun on 1573 November 24

The global visibility of this solar eclipse is shown in the diagram to the left. A higher quality version of this global plot can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on this image.

An explanation of this diagram can be found here.


Animation of the Partial Eclipse of the Sun on 1573 November 24

The animation shown in the diagram to the right illustrates the motion of the shadow of the Moon at five minute intervals. This animation runs in a continuous loop.

This graphic, provided by Dr. Andrew Sinclair, shows the grey penumbral shadow where the eclipse will be seen as a partial one. The UT time is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the diagram.

Local Circumstances and Animations

Diagrams showing the configuration of the eclipse including the local circumstances are available for the 101 locations given in the following table. All timing information is given in Universal time (UT). Animations showing the progress of the eclipse are also available for the locations specified. These animations can be as large as 275kb in size. It may be necessary to download these files for optimum performance. Eclipses for the locations listed in the following table in the period 1501 CE to 2100 CE can be found by following the location link.

LocationAvailable data
Algiers, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bechar, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ech Chelif, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Laghouat, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oran, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Andorra la Vella, AndorraLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ponta Delgada, AzoresLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Charlottetown, P.E.I., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Fredericton, N.B., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Halifax, N.S., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Iqaluit, Nunavut, CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kingston, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Montreal, Que., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Moncton, N.B., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oshawa, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ottawa, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Quebec, Que., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St John's, Nfld., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sept Iles, Que., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sudbury, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Toronto, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Bordeaux, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brest, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nantes, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rennes, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Toulouse, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gibraltar, GibraltarLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ammassalik, GreenlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nuuk, GreenlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Qaqortoq, GreenlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sisimiut, GreenlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Reykjavik, IcelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Athlone, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cork, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dublin, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Galway, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Limerick, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sligo, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Waterford, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Funchal, MadeiraLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nouadhibou, MauritaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zouerat, MauritaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Agadir, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Casablanca, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Er Rachidia, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Fez, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Marrakech, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouarzazate, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oujda, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rabat, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tanger, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tan-Tan, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Braga, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Coimbra, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Faro, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lisbon, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Porto, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St-Pierre, St Pierre and MiquelonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
A Coruna, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Alicante, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Barcelona, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bilbao, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cordoba, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gijon, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Granada, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Madrid, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Malaga, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Murcia, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sevilla, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Valencia, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Valladolid, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vigo, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zaragoza, SpainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aberystwyth, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Belfast, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cardiff, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Londonderry, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Penzance, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Plymouth, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St Helier, Jersey, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St Peter Port, Guernsey, United KingdomLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bridgeport, CT, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hartford, CT, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Augusta, ME, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Portland, ME, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Boston, MA, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Concord, NH, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Manchester, NH, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Newark, NJ, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Albany, NY, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
New York, NY, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rochester, NY, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Providence, RI, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Burlington, VT, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Montpelier, VT, United StatesLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Boujdour, Western SaharaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Laayoune, Western SaharaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ad Dakhla, Western SaharaLocal CircumstancesAnimation

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Eclipses in 1573

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