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HM Nautical Almanac Office: Transits of Venus

2360 December 12th-13th Transit of Venus


Global Visibility of the 2360 Transit of Venus

Venus will cross the disc of the Sun on 2360 December 12th-13th. The map above shows the visibility of the event.

Geocentric Circumstances

Geocentric Circumstances of the 2360 Transit of Venus

The geocentric circumstances of the transit are shown in the diagram above. During the transit, the diameter of the Sun is 1947.8 arcseconds and that of Venus is 63.0 arcseconds. In other words, the diameter of Venus is 0.03 that of the Sun, making it look like a rapidly moving sunspot. The minimum separation between the centre of the solar disc and Venus is 625.7 arcseconds. The whole transit lasts just under six and a half hours.

All timings are given in Terrestrial Time (TT), as accurate predictions of the Earth's rotation cannot be made for more than a few years into the future.

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