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Planetary and Lunar Coordinates


Planetary and Lunar Coordinates cover The latest edition of a continuing series covers the period 2001 to 2020. This book provides low to medium-precision positions of the Sun, Moon and planets for the purpose of planning observations. It also includes information on the elongation and magnitudes of the planets, eclipses, moon phases and a wide variety of astronomical phenomena. The eclipse section has been enhanced to present the data for both solar and lunar eclipses in graphical form.

There are two versions of this publication. The UK version, available from The Stationery Office, includes a CD-RoM which contains a substantial fraction of the tabular data in the form of pdf files. The US version, available from Willmann-Bell, has all the tabular data printed in the book. Both versions contain a CD-ROM containing the planetary and lunar coordinates in computer readable ASCII files.



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