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Sunrise/set times for the United Kingdom - April

The map below shows isochrones or lines linking places with the same times of sunrise (green lines) and sunset (red lines) for the United Kingdom for mid-April. These lines show the position of the terminator, the boundary between the illuminated and dark areas of the Earth, as it sweeps across the face of the globe. At this time of the year the terminator for sunrise runs north west to south east and that for sunset runs north east to south west.The Shetland Isles see the earliest sunrise and the Isles of Scilly have the latest sunrise. The earliest sunset takes place in south-east Kent and the latest sunset takes place on the Isle of Lewis. The time system used in the map is British Summer Time (BST) which can be regarded as UTC plus one hour for the purposes of this exercise. For example, we can see that sunrise in Penzance occurs at 06:30 BST and sunset in Southampton occurs at 20:00 BST.

UK Sunrise/set times for April

If the United Kingdom elected to move to Central European Summer time (CEST), two hours in advance of UTC for the Spring and Summer months, this would mean darker mornings and lighter evenings. For example, sunrise in London would take place at 07:06 CEST and sunset would take place at 20:57 CEST. In Glasgow, sunrise would take place 07:13 CEST and sunset at 21:22 CEST. In the case of Northern Ireland, sunrise times would occur between 07:20 CEST and 07:30 CEST. Stornoway would see the Sun rise at 07:16 CEST and set at 21:27 CEST.

Sunrise/set times for mid-April
United Kingdom
SunriseSunset SunriseSunset
Lerwick 05:4920:22 06:4921:22
Kirkwall 06:0020:26 07:0021:26
Stornoway 06:1620:37 07:1621:37
Inverness 06:0920:27 07:0921:27
Aberdeen 06:0120:17 07:0121:17
Edinburgh 06:0920:19 07:0921:19
Glasgow 06:1320:22 07:1321:22
Londonderry06:2820:33 07:2821:33
Newcastle 06:0520:10 07:0521:10
Carlisle 06:1020:15 07:1021:15
Belfast 06:2320:26 07:2321:26
Douglas IoM06:1820:19 07:1821:19
Leeds 06:0720:07 07:0721:07
Hull 06:0220:02 07:0221:02
Manchester 06:1020:09 07:1021:09
Liverpool 06:1320:11 07:1321:11
Leicester 06:0820:02 07:0821:02
Norwich 05:5819:53 06:5820:53
Birmingham 06:1120:05 07:1121:05
Aberystwyth06:2020:14 07:2021:14
Ipswich 06:0019:52 07:0020:52
Cardiff 06:1820:09 07:1821:09
London 06:0619:57 07:0620:57
Dover 06:0119:50 07:0120:50
Southampton06:1220:00 07:1221:00
Exeter 06:2120:08 07:2121:08
Penzance 06:3020:15 07:3021:15
St. Helier 06:1820:00 07:1821:00
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