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Although I have put this history together most of the information has been taken from many sources, some of which has been directly copied and some has been paraphrased or extended. Much use has been made of the papers of Sadler and Wilkins including

respectively. I particularly thank Dr Wilkins for all the material he made available. Various obituaries have also been a major source of information.

I am very grateful to Dr. A. Webb, Archivist at the UK Hydrographic Office, who reviewed these pages and gave me many useful pointers. He has also kindly supplied additional material concerning Captain Cook, the use of The Nautical Almanac and Harrison's chronometer H4.

Thank you to the organisations who have given me permission to reproduced their pictures. These organisations are the Royal Society (RS), the National Maritime Museum (NMM), The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) and the British Astronomical Association (BAA). Particular thanks to the NMM and the RAS for the free use of including their pictures into this history. I especially thank the RAS Librarian, Peter Hingley, for finding various pictures and in particular that of Downing.

Thank you to Dr. D.B. Taylor who read and commented on an early version of this document and to Dr. S.A. Bell.

If you wish to reproduce any of the pictures please contact the copyright holders.

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RAS: Royal Astronomical Society (Librarian)
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RS: The Royal Society
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