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1965: Science Research Council


Sadler reported to the Hydrographer of the Navy through the Astronomer Royal until 1965, when the Science Research Council (SRC) took over the responsibility for the Royal Greenwich Observatory. At this time, the decision was taken that the Office should remain with the science rather than stay with the Ministry of Defence. However, Sadler was horrified to find the level of bureaucracy at the SRC was far greater than at the Admiralty. SRC would not accept his estimate for HMNAO work and they took nine man-days to come to a figure that was within a few hundred pounds of his estimate, which had only taken a few minutes to derive [15].

In the 1980's the SRC was renamed the Science and Engineering Council (SERC). In the 1990's SERC was split and the "big science" including the RGO became part of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC).


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