30 October 1930 - 18 February 1972

By Donald H. Sadler

Edited by George A. Wilkins

PART 2. AT GREENWICH 1936-1939   Chapters 4-6

Sadler unexpectedly found himself Acting Superintendent and faced with the task of implementing the introduction of the Air Almanac and other new publications. This extra work required the appointment and training of new staff, some of whom remained members of the staff until their retirement. At this time the Office was based in Royal Naval College, but it was moved to the nearby Devonport House in July 1939 and then a few weeks later after the outbreak of the war to Bath, with other sections of the Admiralty.

Chapter 4   Change and expansion
Changes in administrative responsibility
The work and staffing of the Office
The post of N.A.O. secretary
Initial recruitment of junior staff
Expansion for air navigation
Acquisition of new calculating machines
Chapter 5   New developments
The Occultation Supplement
Air Almanac and Astronomical Navigation Tables
Introduction of the Air Almanac
Astronomical Navigation Tables for use in the air
I.A.U. General Assembly in Stockholm (1938)
A threatened dispute on copyright
Apparent Places of Fundamental Stars
Other publications
Chapter 6   Procedures and moves
A comment on official procedures
Move to Devonport House
Evacuation to Bath
Appointment as Secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society
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