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Report title
Having made your observation of the new crescent moon, we need to know about it. Please complete the following form which comes in two parts. The first part is about the observation itself, the second concerns your location. Please remember to tell us whether the time you enter uses daylight savings time (summer time) or not. A negative observation of the Moon is also useful so if you went out on a clear evening and tried to observe the moon and did not see it then send this observation to us as well.
Report Part 1 - Crescent Moon Observation
Date of Observation:
Daylight saving time
Time of Observation:
Type of Observation:
Weather Conditions:
Age of Observer:
How often have you made this type of observation?
Crescent Observed?
If the crescent moon was observed, please complete the following questions as well
Orientation of Crescent (please select the nearest match by clicking on the thumbnail):
orientation000 orientation030 orientation060 orientation090 orientation120 orientation150 orientation180 orientation210 orientation240 orientation270 orientation300 orientation330  
Position of Crescent:
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