Annular Eclipse of the Sun: 1858 March 15

Global Circumstances and Animation

Global Visibility of the Annular Eclipse of the Sun on 1858 March 15

The global visibility of this solar eclipse is shown in the diagram to the left. A higher quality version of this global plot can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on this image.

An explanation of this diagram can be found here.


Animation of the Annular Eclipse of the Sun on 1858 March 15

The animation shown in the diagram to the right illustrates the motion of the shadow of the Moon at five minute intervals. This animation runs in a continuous loop.

This graphic, provided by Dr. Andrew Sinclair, shows the grey penumbral shadow where the eclipse will be seen as a partial one and the much smaller red umbral shadow where the eclipse will be seen as an annular one. The UT time is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the diagram and the central line duration of the eclipse can be seen in the lower right-hand corner.

Local Circumstances and Animations

Diagrams showing the configuration of the eclipse including the local circumstances are available for the 604 locations given in the following table. All timing information is given in Universal time (UT). Animations showing the progress of the eclipse are also available for the locations specified. These animations can be as large as 275kb in size. It may be necessary to download these files for optimum performance. Eclipses for the locations listed in the following table in the period 1501 CE to 2100 CE can be found by following the location link. A location which lies within the path of annularity is highlighted.

LocationAvailable data
Tirana, AlbaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Algiers, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Annaba, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Batna, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bechar, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bejaia, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ech Chelif, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
El Oued, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Laghouat, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oran, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouargla, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Setif, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tamanrasset, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Andorra la Vella, AndorraLocal CircumstancesAnimation
The Valley, AnguillaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St John's, Antigua and BarbudaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gyumri, ArmeniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vanadzor, ArmeniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yerevan, ArmeniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Georgetown, Ascension I.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Graz, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Innsbruck, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Klagenfurt, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Linz, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Salzburg, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vienna, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Baku, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ganca, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mingacevir, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Naxcivan, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Saki, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Xankandi, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ponta Delgada, AzoresLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bridgetown, BarbadosLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Baranavichy, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brest, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Homyel', BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hrodna, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mahilyow, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Minsk, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vitebsk, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Antwerp, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bruges, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brussels, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Charleroi, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ghent, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Liege, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Namur, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cotonou, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Natitingou, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Parakou, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Porto-Novo, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hamilton, BermudaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Banja Luka, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bihac, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mostar, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sarajevo, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tuzla, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zenica, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aracaju, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aracatuba, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Barreiras, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Belem, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Belo Horizonte, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Boa Vista, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brasilia, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Campo Grande, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cuiaba, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Fortaleza, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Goiania, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Itabuna, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Joao Pessoa, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Macapa, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Maceio, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Manaus, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Montes Claros, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Natal, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Palmas, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Petrolina, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Porto Velho, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Recife, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Salvador, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Santarem, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sao Luis, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Teresina, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Uberlandia, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vitoria, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Road Town, British Virgin Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Burgas, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Pleven, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Plovdiv, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ruse, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sofia, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Stara Zagora, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Varna, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkino FasoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouahigouya, Burkino FasoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Charlottetown, P.E.I., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Fredericton, N.B., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Halifax, N.S., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Iqaluit, Nunavut, CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kingston, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Montreal, Que., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Moncton, N.B., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oshawa, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ottawa, Ont., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Quebec, Que., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Repulse Bay, Nunavut, CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St John's, Nfld., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sept Iles, Que., CanadaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape VerdeLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Praia, Santiago, Cape VerdeLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Abidjan, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bouake, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Daloa, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Korhogo, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yamoussoukro, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Osijek, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rijeka, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Split, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zadar, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zagreb, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Limassol, CyprusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nicosia, CyprusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brno, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Olomouc, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ostrava, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Plzen, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Prague, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Alborg, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Arhus, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Copenhagen, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Esbjerg, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Odense, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Roseau, DominicaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Alexandria, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cairo, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation<