Total Eclipse of the Sun: 2006 March 29

Global Circumstances and Animation

Global Visibility of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 2006 March 29

The global visibility of this solar eclipse is shown in the diagram to the left. A higher quality version of this global plot can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on this image.

An explanation of this diagram can be found here.


Animation of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 2006 March 29

The animation shown in the diagram to the right illustrates the motion of the shadow of the Moon at five minute intervals. This animation runs in a continuous loop.

This graphic, provided by Dr. Andrew Sinclair, shows the grey penumbral shadow where the eclipse will be seen as a partial one and the much smaller black umbral shadow where the eclipse will be seen as a total one. The UT time is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the diagram and the central line duration of the eclipse can be seen in the lower right-hand corner.

Local Circumstances and Animations

Diagrams showing the configuration of the eclipse including the local circumstances are available for the 766 locations given in the following table. All timing information is given in Universal time (UT). Animations showing the progress of the eclipse are also available for the locations specified. These animations can be as large as 275kb in size. It may be necessary to download these files for optimum performance. Eclipses for the locations listed in the following table in the period 1501 CE to 2100 CE can be found by following the location link. A location which lies within the path of totality is highlighted.

LocationAvailable data
Charikar, AfghanistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Herat, AfghanistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jalalabad, AfghanistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kabul, AfghanistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kandahar, AfghanistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mazar-e Sharif, AfghanistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tirana, AlbaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Algiers, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Annaba, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Batna, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bechar, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bejaia, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ech Chelif, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
El Oued, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Laghouat, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oran, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouargla, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Setif, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tamanrasset, AlgeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Andorra la Vella, AndorraLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Benguela, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cabinda, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Huambo, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Luanda, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lubango, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Luena, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Malanje, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Namibe, AngolaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gyumri, ArmeniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vanadzor, ArmeniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yerevan, ArmeniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Georgetown, Ascension I.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Graz, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Innsbruck, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Klagenfurt, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Linz, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Salzburg, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vienna, AustriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Baku, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ganca, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mingacevir, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Naxcivan, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Saki, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Xankandi, AzerbaijanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ponta Delgada, AzoresLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al Manamah, BahrainLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Chittagong, BangladeshLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Comilla, BangladeshLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dhaka, BangladeshLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Khulna, BangladeshLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rajshahi, BangladeshLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rangpur, BangladeshLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sylhet, BangladeshLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Baranavichy, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brest, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Homyel', BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hrodna, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mahilyow, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Minsk, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vitebsk, BelarusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Antwerp, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bruges, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brussels, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Charleroi, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ghent, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Liege, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Namur, BelgiumLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cotonou, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Natitingou, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Parakou, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Porto-Novo, BeninLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Thimphu, BhutanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Banja Luka, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bihac, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mostar, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sarajevo, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tuzla, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zenica, Bosnia-HercegovinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Joao Pessoa, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Maceio, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Natal, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Recife, BrazilLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Burgas, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Pleven, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Plovdiv, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ruse, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sofia, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Stara Zagora, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Varna, BulgariaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkino FasoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouahigouya, Burkino FasoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bujumbura, BurundiLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gitega, BurundiLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bamenda, CameroonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bertoua, CameroonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Douala, CameroonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Garoua, CameroonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Maroua, CameroonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ngaoundere, CameroonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yaounde, CameroonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape VerdeLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Praia, Santiago, Cape VerdeLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bangassou, Central African RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bangui, Central African RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Berberati, Central African RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bouar, Central African RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bria, Central African RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Abeche, ChadLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Faya, ChadLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mao, ChadLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Moundou, ChadLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ndjamena, ChadLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sarh, ChadLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aksu, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Altay, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Golmud, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hotan, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kashi, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Korla, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lhasa, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tacheng, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Turpan, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Urumqi, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Xigaze, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yining, ChinaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bukavu, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gemena, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kalemie, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kananga, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kikwit, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kisangani, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Matadi, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brazzaville, Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Owando, Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Pointe-Noire, Republic of CongoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Abidjan, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bouake, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Daloa, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Korhogo, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yamoussoukro, Cote d'IvoireLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Osijek, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rijeka, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Split, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zadar, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zagreb, CroatiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Limassol, CyprusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nicosia, CyprusLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brno, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Olomouc, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ostrava, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Plzen, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Prague, Czech RepublicLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Alborg, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Arhus, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Copenhagen, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Esbjerg, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Odense, DenmarkLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Djibouti, DjiboutiLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Alexandria, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aswan, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Asyut, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cairo, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
El Minya, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Giza, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Luxor, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Port Said, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Qena, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sohag, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Suez, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tanta, EgyptLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bata, Equatorial GuineaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Malabo, Equatorial GuineaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Asmara, EritreaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tallinn, EstoniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tartu, EstoniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Addis Ababa, EthiopiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dire Dawa, EthiopiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gonder, EthiopiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mek'ele, EthiopiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Torshavn, Faroe Is.Local CircumstancesAnimation
Helsinki, FinlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oulu, FinlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rovaniemi, FinlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tampere, FinlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Turku, FinlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ajaccio, Corsica, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bastia, Corsica, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bordeaux, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brest, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Clermont-Ferrand, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dijon, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Grenoble, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Le Havre, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Le Mans, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lille, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Limoges, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lyon, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Marseille, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Montpellier, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nantes, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nice, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Orleans, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Paris, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rennes, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rheims, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rouen, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St-Etienne, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Strasbourg, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Toulouse, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tours, FranceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Franceville, GabonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Libreville, GabonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oyem, GabonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Port-Gentil, GabonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Banjul, The GambiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kanifing, The GambiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gaza, GazaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bat'umi, GeorgiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
K'ut'aisi, GeorgiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rust'avi, GeorgiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
T'bilisi, GeorgiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Berlin, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bielefeld, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bremen, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dortmund, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dresden, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dusseldorf, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Erfurt, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Frankfurt am Main, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Freiburg im Breisgau, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hamburg, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hannover, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kassel, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kiel, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Koln, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Leipzig, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Magdeburg, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mannheim, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Munich, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nurnberg, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rostock, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Saarbrucken, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Stuttgart, GermanyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Accra, GhanaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kumasi, GhanaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tamale, GhanaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tema, GhanaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gibraltar, GibraltarLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Athens, GreeceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Iraklion, Crete, GreeceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Larisa, GreeceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Patras, GreeceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Thessaloniki, GreeceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Volos, GreeceLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ittoqqortoormiit, GreenlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Station Nord, GreenlandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Conakry, GuineaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kankan, GuineaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nzerekore, GuineaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bissau, Guinea-BissauLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Budapest, HungaryLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Debrecen, HungaryLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gyor, HungaryLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Pecs, HungaryLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Szeged, HungaryLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Akureyri, IcelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Reykjavik, IcelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Agra, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ahmadabad, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aizawl, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Allahabad, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Amritsar, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Asansol, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aurangabad, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bhopal, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bikaner, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Calcutta, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Chandigarh, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Delhi, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dhanbad, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Guwahati, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gwalior, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Indore, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jabalpur, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jaipur, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jammu, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jamshedpur, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jhansi, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jodhpur, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kanpur, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kota, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lucknow, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ludhiana, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Meerut, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nagpur, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nashik, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
New Delhi, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Patna, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Raipur, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rajkot, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ranchi, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Raurkela, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Shiliguri, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Srinagar, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Surat, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vadodara, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Varanasi, IndiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ahvaz, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bandar-e'Abbas, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Birjand, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Esfahan, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gorgan, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kerman, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kermanshah, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mashhad, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Qom, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Shiraz, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tabriz, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tehran, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yazd, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zahedan, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zanjan, IranLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al 'Amarah, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al Basrah, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al Kut, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al Mawsil, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
An Najaf, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Arbil, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ar Ramadi, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
As Sulaymaniyah, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Baghdad, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Karbala, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kirkuk, IraqLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Athlone, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cork, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dublin, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Galway, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Limerick, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sligo, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Waterford, IrelandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Be'er Sheva, IsraelLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Haifa, IsraelLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jerusalem, IsraelLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bari, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bologna, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cagliari, Sardinia, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Catania, Sicily, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Florence, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Genoa, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Messina, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Milan, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Naples, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Palermo, Sicily, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rome, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Taranto, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Trieste, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Turin, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Venice, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Verona, ItalyLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al 'Aqabah, JordanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Amman, JordanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Irbid, JordanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aktau, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Aktyubinsk, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Almaty, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Astana, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Atyrau, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Pavlodar, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Petropavlovsk, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kostanay, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Semipalatinsk, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Shymkent, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ural'sk, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ust'-Kamenogorsk, KazakhstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kisumu, KenyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nairobi, KenyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nakuru, KenyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kuwait City, KuwaitLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bishkek, KyrgyzstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Karakol, KyrgyzstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Osh, KyrgyzstanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Riga, LatviaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Daugavpils, LatviaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Beirut, LebanonLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Monrovia, LiberiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ajdabiya, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al Bayda, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Banghazi, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Darnah, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Misratah, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sabha, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tobruk, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tripoli, LibyaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vaduz, LiechtensteinLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kaunas, lithuaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Klaipeda, LithuaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Siauliai, LithuaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vilnius, LithuaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Luxembourg, LuxembourgLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bitola, MacedoniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Skopje, MacedoniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Veles, MacedoniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Funchal, MadeiraLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bamako, MaliLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gao, MaliLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kayes, MaliLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mopti, MaliLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Segou, MaliLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sikasso, MaliLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Valletta, MaltaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nouadhibou, MauritaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nouakchott, MauritaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zouerat, MauritaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Chisinau, MoldovaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Balti, MoldovaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Monaco-Ville, MonacoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hovd, MongoliaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ulaangom, MongoliaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Agadir, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Casablanca, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Er Rachidia, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Fez, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Marrakech, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ouarzazate, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oujda, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rabat, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tanger, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tan-Tan, MoroccoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rundu, NamibiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Walvis Bay, NamibiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Biratnagar, NepalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kathmandu, NepalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Pokhara, NepalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Amsterdam, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Eindhoven, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Enschede, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Groningen, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Maastricht, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nijmegen, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rotterdam, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
The Hague, NetherlandsLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Agadez, NigerLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Arlit, NigerLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Maradi, NigerLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Niamey, NigerLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tahoua, NigerLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zinder, NigerLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Abuja, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Benin City, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ibadan, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ilorin, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jimeta, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jos, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kaduna, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kano, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lagos, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Maiduguri, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Port Harcourt, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sokoto, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Zaria, NigeriaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Alesund, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bergen, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bodo, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kristiansand, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oslo, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Stavanger, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tromso, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Trondheim, NorwayLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Muscat, OmanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Salalah, OmanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Suhar, OmanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sur, OmanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Faisalabad, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gujranwala, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hyderabad, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Islamabad, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Karachi, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lahore, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Multan, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Peshawar, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Quetta, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rawalpindi, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sukkur, PakistanLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bialystok, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bydgoszcz, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Gdansk, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Krakow, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lodz, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Poznan, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Szczecin, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Warsaw, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Wroclaw, PolandLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Braga, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Coimbra, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Faro, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lisbon, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Porto, PortugalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Doha, QatarLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Brasov, RomaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bucharest, RomaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Constanta, RomaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Craiova, RomaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Iasi, RomaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Oradea, RomaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Timisoara, RomaniaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Abakan, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Arkhangel'sk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Astrakhan, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Barnaul, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Belgorod, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Berezniki, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Bryansk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Chelyabinsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Groznyy, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Izhevsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kaliningrad, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kansk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kazan, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kirov, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Krasnodar, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Krasnoyarsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kursk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kyzyl, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Lipetsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Makhachkala, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Magnitogorsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Moscow, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Murmansk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Naberezhnyye Chelny, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nalchik, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nizhnevartorsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nizhniy Tagil, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Noril'sk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Novokuznetsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Novosibirsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Omsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Orel, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Orenburg, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Orsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Penza, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Perm, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Petrozavodsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Pskov, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ryazan, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rostov-na-Donu, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Rubtsovsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Samara, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sankt-Peterburg, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Saratov, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Smolensk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Stavropol, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Surgut, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Syktyvkar, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tobol'sk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tomsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tula, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ufa, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ul'yanovsk, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Urengoy, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Velikiy Novgorod, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Volgograd, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vologda, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Vorkuta, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Voronezh, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yaroslavl, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Yekaterinburg, Russian FederationLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Butare, RwandaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Byumba, RwandaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Cyangugu, RwandaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kigali, RwandaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jamestown, St HelenaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
San Marino, San MarinoLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Sao Tome, Sao Tome and PrincipeLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Al Madinah, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ad Dammam, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ar'ar, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Buraydah, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Hafar al Batin, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ha'il, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Khamis Mushayt, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Mecca, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tabuk, Saudi ArabiaLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Dakar, SenegalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
St Louis, SenegalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Tambacounda, SenegalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Ziguinchor, SenegalLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Belgrade, Serbia and MontenegroLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Kragujevac, Serbia and MontenegroLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Niksic, Serbia and MontenegroLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Nis, Serbia and MontenegroLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Novi Sad, Serbia and MontenegroLocal CircumstancesAnimation
Podgorica, Serbia and MontenegroLocal CircumstancesAnimation
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Eclipse Trivia

It has been nearly five years since my last glimpse of totality so a two-day break to the south-western coast of Turkey represented the most practical opportunity to see another 3 minutes and 40 seconds of totality. A package tour organized by Omega Holidays would put me and my fellow travellers 17km south-east of Manavgat at the Ardisia De Luxe Hotel.

Weather predictions varied from cloud and drizzle to sunny and clear for the visit. However, on our arrival at Antalya, the weather was pleasantly warm and sunny with small amounts of cirrus. The airport was full of expectant eclipse watchers having just received six planes within 20 minutes of each other! Consequently, the queues for paying our £10 to enter Turkey snaked almost endlessly around the empty fountain in the immigration hall.

After a 90 minute coach trip, we arrived at the hotel which was on the D400 coastal road set against the backdrop of the snow-capped Taurus Mountains. Following the evening meal we listened to a talk given by Chris Lintott and Pete Lawrence; "The Sky at Night" team were staying in the hotel and were filming the eclipse for a programme to be broadcast the following Sunday.

The morning of the eclipse was clear with some haze over the Lycian Coast to the south west across the Gulf of Antalya. Many observers had set up their equipment well before the start of the eclipse on the top level of the theatre in the hotel grounds and "The Sky at Night" team were filming on the nearby beach. The photograph to the left, taken by Don Pollacco, shows some of the observers setting up their cameras and telescopes on the beach.

Above us, small amounts of cirrus were moving in from the west which posed a potential threat to a perfect view of the eclipse. Nevertheless, my observing companions, Don, Judith and Joe Pollacco and I set up our camera and video equipment on the beach in anticipation of the forthcoming spectacle.

As you can see from the photograph on the right taken by Don Pollacco, having the right hat for the occasion was a must! In truth, I had forgotten to bring my sun hat and could not find a suitable replacement in the hotel shops. It did strike me as odd to see how unprepared the shops in the hotel were for the eclipse, bearing in mind Turkey's place on the path of totality in 1999. The fortunate residents of places like Sivas were seeing totality for the second time in less than seven years. The opportunity to collect yet another souvenir eclipse t-shirt had passed and so had a real marketing opportunity for the locals!

Just after 12:38 EEST, the Moon took its first bite out of lower right portion of the Sun's disk. The picture to the left was taken just under four minutes after first contact. Over the next hour and a quarter or so the Moon inexorably obscured the Sun. About ten minutes or so before totality, Venus (magnitude -4.3) was spotted about 45° away from the Sun in the south-western sky approximately 16° above the horizon.

The light had taken on that flat steely grey character that is so difficult to describe unless you have actually seen it for yourself. The shadows were getting sharper as the illuminated fraction of the Sun got smaller and smaller. The umbral shadow itself was still somewhere out over the Mediterranean Sea approaching us at nearly 0.9 km/s. Don saw the shadow bands for a fleeting few seconds rippling across a hotel towel, his so-called "secret weapon". Unfortunately, the approach of the shadow was not observed but the display of Baily's Beads just before totality was clearly visible. The beads were then snuffed out one by one only to be replaced by a beautiful diamond ring.

I had brought out a Canon EOS 350D digital SLR camera and a 70-300mm zoom lens which I hoped would make photographing the eclipse easier than attempting to video the Zambian eclipse of 2001. However, maintaining a sharp focus was still going to be a tricky exercise without the aid of a focus lock as well as having to point the camera so high in the sky - the Sun was about 54° above the horizon during totality. I started taking photographs using a range of exposure times in the hope of capturing a good image of totality.

Through the viewfinder I could see two prominences at about 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock on the Sun's disk, the former replacing the display of Baily's Beads visible only a few seconds earlier. They can just be seen in the photograph to the right (1/100s exposure at f/5.6 at 200 ASA) taken at 13:56:09 EEST.

As my eyes adapted to the reduced light levels, the corona looked even more striking, displaying considerable structure and several streamers. The photograph to the left (1/50s exposure at f/5.6 at 200 ASA) taken at 13:55:37 EEST gives some idea of the appearance of the corona. The detail was fine enough to trace out the magnetic field lines around the Sun, particularly in the polar regions. However, the bulk of the features lay in the direction of the Sun's equator with less activity around the poles of the Sun, a situation typical for the Sun at the minimum of its activity cycle.

Don spotted Mercury (magnitude +0.7) approximately 35° above the horizon about halfway between Venus and the Sun just before some cirrus obscured it for the remainder of totality. No other planets or bright stars were visible to the naked eye.

All around the horizon were the yellows, oranges and reds of the average twilight sky. The photograph to the right by Don Pollacco shows the view towards the south-western horizon. On the original image, you can identify Venus. Overhead, the sky was not totally dark but resembled the dark blue of a twilight sky, becoming a lighter blue moving down towards the multi-coloured horizon. Embedded in this twilight sky was the eclipsed Sun surrounded by the corona stretching diagonally away from the Sun.

The eclipse had also affected local meteorological conditions as well. The breeze, present before the eclipse, had dropped away completely and the temperature had fallen by nearly 10°C. Wildlife near our location was a little scarce but close to our observing site was a small river where a number of frogs had been croaking before totality. They had now fallen silent.

Around us, everyone was looking up at the magnificent corona. The photograph to the left (1/10s exposure at f/5.6 at 200 ASA), taken at 13:56:01 EEST, gives a better idea of the length of the streamers within the corona. Some of the coronal structure closer to the Sun has been deliberately over-exposed to bring out the extent of the corona. Sadly, no photograph nor any words can really do justice to this awe-inspiring sight.

As the eclipse drew to an end, another beautiful diamond ring formed at around the 5 o'clock position on the lunar limb to more gasps from those watching around us. The first sign of the diamond ring appeared at 13:58:51 EEST, probably due to a deep valley in the Mare Australe region. Just to its right on the solar limb was another small prominence. The photograph below was taken at 13:58:58 EEST (1/400s exposure at f/5.6 at 200 ASA).

There was no evidence of the shadow moving off towards the north-eastern horizon and the Taurus Mountains. As daylight returned, the frogs started croaking again and I noticed the plastic covering on the cushions on the sun loungers around us had condensation on them. They had been completely dry before totality! The partial phases of the eclipse after totality were something of an anti-climax and were observed by only the most dedicated observers. The eclipse ended at just before 15:14 EEST.

Once again, totality had flown past. However, the feeling this time was that totality had sneaked up on us much more quickly than previous eclipses. As usual, the three and a half minutes of totality had flown by. I was left with the thought that all we can do now is look forward two and a half years to the next total eclipse of the Sun on August 1st 2008 which crosses the Northern Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, Siberia, Mongolia and China.

For the record our observing location was 36° 41′ 36″ North, 31° 35′ 40″ East at sea level. The prediction, without corrections for lunar limb effects, was for 3 minutes and 40.7 seconds of totality. My estimate was that we had lost about 7 seconds of totality due to the two diamond rings. The predictions for our observing site were first contact at 12:38:34.4 EEST, second contact at 13:55:15.1 EEST, mid-eclipse at 13:57:05.5 EEST, third contact at 13:58:55.9 EEST and fourth contact at 15:13:47.4 EEST using a ΔT value of 64.9 seconds. All photographs © Steve Bell except where noted.

Steve Bell

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