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This web site has been designed to provide information on the global and local visibility of solar and lunar eclipses. For example, the montage of images on the left illustrates the type of information available from the HMNAO Eclipse Portal. Shown here are the total eclipse of the Moon on 2007 March 03-04 and the total eclipse of the Sun on 2090 September 23 including an eclipse animation and the local circumstances for Penzance in England.

The mapping information presented in the following pages is based on data derived from solar and lunar eclipse software used in the production of The Astronomical Almanac.

You can find information on eclipses for a range of years running from 1501 CE to 2100 CE inclusive. In this interval there are a total of 2881 eclipses made up of 1421 solar and 1460 lunar eclipses.

You can look at the eclipses in a particular year by entering a year in the box below. This web site is still under development and changes are being made on a regular basis.

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